Historic Compilations

Valuable historic information resides in open source reports and difficult data formats. Expedio can compile these datasets into digital, clean, usable formats with our expert tools and personnel. This can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars by negating the need for re-drilling or re-analysing samples in your area of interest.

Expedio has significant experience in compiling open source hard copy reports into validated, industry standard file formats. We work with hardcopy reports, scanned logs and SQL data models from a wide variety of sources and can extract meaningful information from these datasets quickly and reliably.    

Initiatives investing in open source digital datasets show an ROI in the range of 3:1 to 20:1. Digitising these datasets results in reduced technical and financial risk, as explorers can build on previous field campaigns with less repetition required to authenticate results. This data assists exploration as well as environmental, engineering and planning activities and expands the knowledge base for all stakeholders.

Expedio has successfully delivered large scale compilations for government bodies and private industry alike. 

We can also provide: Database and Workflow Audits | Data Room Packaging | Data Visualisation and Analytics | GIS Services  |  QC and Statutory Reporting  |  Interim Data Managers | Rugged Hardware Hire or Buy

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