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From exploration or mining, planning programs to modelling, finance to production: accurate and compliant resource data is the solid foundation from which pivotal decisions can be made with confidence.

That’s what we do! Expedio’s years of experience makes us rather opinionated on how to achieve the best result for our partners. Our best practice data management processes ensures accuracy, efficiency and compliance and we offer our clients the most advanced end to end geological data management solution available.

The driving force behind any data management system is that it always delivers Always Accurate Data. When this goal is achieved all stakeholders can utilise the data with assurance that they have the correct information from which to make decisions.

What makes Expedio industry leaders in geological data management solutions?

  • Standardised SQL Server Database Schema
  • Process driven configuration
  • Rapid solution implementation
  • Process driven data flow
  • Flexible data delivery and reporting options
  • Delivery of Always Accurate Data

What do we do?

  • Configure solution to meet client requirements
  • Manage all data in a single, secure centralised database
  • Legacy open source data compilation and migration
  • Outsource data management and database hosting
  • Provision of ready to use datasets in industry formats

Full hosted & secure service

Whether you take advantage of the Expedio premium end-to-end service or choose to drive the system yourselves, your data will be managed by the most advanced solution available with the knowledge that the team at Expedio are there to assist you all the way.


Accurate data is achieved by the use of multi-level, real time validation. Bulk data loading followed by 3D integrity checking results in ready to use output.


Considerable time saving through using the OCRIS Logix methodology and world’s best data management practises ensures that you get clean and accurate data each and every time in real-time.


Expedio’s best practice data management ensures we work within the constraints of your company’s business rules and global exploration industry standards.