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De Grey Mining

"Monthly reporting to the board and DMIRS used to be a two day chore and I would compete with our CFO to see who could get theirs completed first. I designed the suite of dashboards with Expedio and I now win easily, doing this task in two hours rather than two days. It’s like having an insurance policy for our data – that’s why we use Expedio."

Delivering Gold: Reporting dashboards for expansion and efficiency.

De Grey Mining has been actively exploring and developing its gold projects in Western Australia, with a focus on advancing its flagship Hemi gold deposit. Expedio is proud to have partnered with De Grey through this exciting discovery and drill out period to assist in managing all aspects of their exploration data and dashboards. 

  • De Grey were going through a rapid growth period and needed the reporting and data handling systems to keep up. The company has grown rapidly from 12 to 170 personnel on site, with 4 camps, and 13 – 14 drill rigs from multiple drilling  companies and an expanded management team during the resource drill out phases.  
  • > 2,000,000 m of drilling data to be collated, validated and migrated  in 2 years  
  • Because of this growth, the client’s previous reporting systems became difficult – it was expensive for human resources, taking two full time geologists two days a week to compile the required reporting data –which was scattered across multiple locations and requiring weekly consolidation of data that really was dynamic and changing daily. 
  • Drill contract management overheads were onerous administration task for the project geologists, with multiple contracts, companies and daily plod formats to manage (DDR)  
  • Laboratory costs management and verifications tasks were presenting a time consuming administration overhead and difficult to obtain reliable analysis and actionable findings  
  • A single dashboard was urgently needed for each of these problems, one which drew on and compiled multiple data points into a single system for reporting of critical safety, HR and resourcing, and drill results data to support efficient weekly reporting and decision-making. 
  • The dashboard needed a few critical components –to be reliable and up-to-date, accessible 24/7, and be on-demand and on multiple access systems (mobile app, laptops) 
  • Utilised OCRIS Toolbox SQL database, consolidating data into one clean, reliable and controlled data store.  
  • Laboratory data: Management of laboratory costs and turnaround times to quickly identify any delays or issues that needed to be followed up 
  • Drillhole data: For Mines Department reporting of drill holes, tonnage, disturbances, rehab, and an easy way to track progress, planning and scheduling 
  • OCRIS Mobile: Anywhere data logging solution customised with the client’s business rules, validation and formulas, with outputs managed by Expedio for added security. 
  • Some of the reporting features include: invoice matching, productivity and cost tracking. 
  • Data was collated from multiple sources, inc. the exploration database,  third party safety applications, drill contractor management systems and laboratory portals.  
  • Now only one person was needed to complete weekly reporting in two hours (this previously took two full-time resources up to two days to complete).
  • Cost management dashboards allowed accurate invoice tracking and resulted in substantial credits from contractors, saving De Grey > $20,000 in the first months of deployment.
  • Rig scheduling and planning tasks became simpler to analyse various scenarios for number of rigs, meters drilled and expected completion dates for the planned drill programs.  
  • All of the dashboard metrics are safely stored on a secure cloud host for access anywhere, anytime – perfect for upper management on the move. 

We can also provide: Database and Workflow Audits | Data Room Packaging | Data Visualisation and Analytics | GIS Services  |  QC and Statutory Reporting  |  Interim Data Managers | Rugged Hardware Hire or Buy

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