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In addition to the key management personnel shown below, the Expedio team offers centuries of combined experience in the resources industry and associated technology. We are the quiet achievers, providing data management services for more than 20 years.

During this time we have used all commercial data management products and pushed them beyond the limits of their design. Throughout our business life-cycle Expedio has built systems for companies big and small, and you will find our DNA in projects on all parts of the globe. Diamonds in Canada, gold in China, iron in Western Australia, copper in Laos, rare earths in Africa, coal in Queensland – we have reached far and wide.

Our experience, skills and tools deliver an integrated end to end process driven solution that introduces efficiencies at every step, making it very attractive from both an operational and total cost of ownership basis.

Lara Groves
Managing Director
Lara is a geologist with over 25 years industry experience in hard rock exploration and mining. She has been with Expedio since 2003 as a consultant and in 2014 became a partner and Managing Director. She has extensive knowledge of best practice data management solution design from field data collection through to corporate and government reporting. She enjoys close collaboration with clients and software providers to deliver tailored solutions for data handling across all commodities and project types.
Dr Jude Anderson
Principal Consultant
Jude is a computer analyst and data management specialist with over 25 years experience. She commenced her career in Kalgoorlie and has consulted for many mining and exploration companies in a variety of locations and commodities. She is proficient in all facets of data management and has designed solutions for Mine Production data, Land Access, Reconciliation, Document Control, Metallurgical and Mill processes. Jude is an expert at solution design, workflow auditing, multi-faceted reporting and advanced data delivery.