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Delivering success for a junior Australian gold and REE explorer with projects in Africa

The Problem

  • MS Excel based logging system was struggling to keep data consistent with the multiple versions of logging templates
  • No data flow control mechanisms
  • Fragmented data that was stored in many different formats including CSV, Access, Mapinfo and AcQuire
  • A non-centralised database was causing incomplete datasets to be used in resource estimation reporting. Some lab results were not being used as they were only located during Expedio’s migration process
  • Historic data from several previous project owners had created unconformity in the dataset. Local grid conversions have been mismanaged and not correctly implemented to the collar coordinate data
  • Lack of in house skills and IT infrastructure

The Solution

  • Database Solution: Expedio hosting with routine extracts and reports to client. See Solution Delivery - "Bundle 1"
  • OCRIS Operational Unit (OOU): Expedio implemented a centralised fully hosted OCRIS Operational Unit
  • OCRIS Mobile: Anywhere data logging solution customised with the client’s business rules, validation and formulas
  • OCRIS Toolbox: Consolidated all data into one database. Using OCRIS Toolbox users can now access a variety of summary activity reports, QC analysis tools and strip log functionality to browse, report and export their data on demand
  • OCRIS Logix: A stringent data management processes with rigorous principles that produces world’s best data management practices from field logging to compliance reporting with a full, demonstrable audit trail
  • Expedio hosted: Expedio hosts one centralised database and manages all of their project data

The Outcome

Scalable Solution  By implementing the OOU the Expedio’s scalable solution will easily grow with the global expansion of the company. Data Capture Field logging process delivering a clean, controlled and rapid flow of data with errors trapped and corrected at the point of data capture by the user. Data Management Regular updates using accurate datasets are always available on short notice, freeing up time for managers to do what they do best, plan, model, interpret and manage their project development, while outsourcing the skills, hosting and IT infrastructure overheads to the experts at Expedio. Support 24-hour support ensures the client has peace of mind knowing a solution to any data management challenges can be delivered rapidly avoiding any major issues.