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Delivering reliable data for an Iron Ore explorer and producer in Western Australia

The Problem

  • High staff turn-over compromising the chain of knowledge over the span of the project development
  • Full time data management role not required
  • No consistency and no data flow control mechanisms
  • Difficulties with data capture and data management
  • Data was fragmented and in many different formats

The Solution

  • Database Solution: Expedio hosting with client access to system. See Solution Delivery - "Bundle 2"
  • OCRIS Mobile: Expedio implemented OCRIS Mobile, anywhere data logging solution, customised with the client’s business rules, validation and formulas, with any changes delivered quickly and easily
  • OCRIS Logix: A stringent data management processes with rigorous principles that produces world’s best data management practices from field logging to compliance reporting with a full, demonstrable audit trail
  • OCRIS Model: Expedio’s own database schema and security allowed the company to maintain control of the database. Custom validation rules and views ensured non valid data would be unable to corrupt the data set.
  • Expedio hosted: Expedio hosts the client database and provides a mirror copy to the company’s corporate and site offices with full interrogation and reporting tools for the users
  • Updates & Reporting: Users have access to the digital data system, with a variety of summary activity reports, QC analysis tools and strip log functionality to browse, report and export their data on demand

The Outcome

Data Capture 
Field logging process delivering a clean, controlled and rapid flow of data with errors trapped and corrected at the point of capture by the user. The system has resulted in short turnaround times from the point of data collection to clean accurate datasets being made available to all stakeholders providing time savings and cost efficiencies for the client.

A hosted database solution in conjunction with OCRIS Logix and OCRIS Mobile, delivers accurate and valid data to head office and remote locations. Having one centralised database allows Expedio to provide delivery of accurate summary statistics for exploration giving Cliffs Natural Resources the tools to accurately budget current and future exploration targets. Required skills, software and IT infrastructure overheads have been outsourced to Expedio.

Expedio have performed the data management and hosting role for more than 15 years, spanning a period where everything about this project had changed hands, from the owners and management to the geologists and field assistants. Expedio have remained the data custodians, consistently delivered clean and accurate data and implemented training for each new staff member as required.