OCRIS Mobile – The Geologist’s Preferred Logging Tool

OCRIS Mobile, the geologist’s preferred field logging solution, is constantly being updated and enhanced. See below for a summary of key new features and improvements:


  • QR code reader (using webcam)
  • Seven-digit-numeric OCR reader (using webcam) for use with labelled core trays
  • Bar code scanning live feed from blue-tooth enabled scanner


  • Allow the old-style lookup pick-lists to be used in the new UI
  • Tweak the new-style lookup form so that it takes the same number of keystrokes to enter a code as the old pick-lists, so that users don’t feel they need to keep using the old pick lists

Row Highlighting

  • New functionality allows rows to be highlighted based upon the value in a column – e.g. on the Sampling worksheet, highlight all rows with ‘Yes’ in column ‘isAsbestos’

Scheduled Data Export / Data Synch

  • Add periodic/scheduled data dump functionality to allow data to be visualized by external software e.g. QGIS, MicroMine, Leapfrog, etc
  • Improved OXO export UI – new options including separate images from the OXO and choose a destination directory
  • Logger backups: new ‘light’ backup added to assist remote support
  • CorePlan OXO upload functionality


  • Added support for PCs / devices with dedicated GPS hardware (i.e. GPS input via Serial Port NMEA data rather than the built-in Microsoft Windows Location Sensor)


  • Support now for multiple photo columns in a single worksheet
  • Overhauled the way photos are stored to greatly improve performance when working on a worksheet containing photos
  • Created a “Logger backup lite” to allow a small file sized logger backup without the gigabytes of photos for DBA support
  • Added a freehand drawing option to photo cells, using the touch screen (or a mouse) – useful for things like signatures, sketches, etc.

OXO File Format

  • Logger size (in bytes) is now included in the OXO metadata output allowing DBAs to keep an eye out for oversized loggers.
  • The metadata also includes logger version and software version so DBAs can identify devices that require a logger update or software update

Improved performance

  • Validation rule engine, data grid, data entry actions: copy, increment, fill

Custom DateTime formats in the UI and exports


Examples of the row highlighting

  • Both the shading colour and which column/data value triggers the row highlight are customizable
  • Multiple row highlight rules per worksheet are supported
    • E.g. colour worksheet:Lith by whether sulphides are logged
    • E.g. colour worksheet:Lith by Lith1 column, using company colour scheme
    • E.g. colour worksheet:Samples by SampleID – if SampleID ends in a 20 or 50 then highlight
  • Company Lithology Colour Scheme
  • Duplicate, Blank or Standard

An example of a QGIS project reading the Periodic Data Dump CSVs from OCRIS Mobile (set to 5 minutes) – this periodic data dumping example allows comparison of planned Sample locations to those present in the logger.


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