Expedio at RIU Explorers Conference 2022

Expedio will be exhibiting at the RIU Explorers Conference in February, 2022

The RIU Explorers Conference is a major Australian forum for the junior resources sector, attracting mineral exploration companies, emerging miners, technology providers and investors. It runs from 15th-17th Feb, 2022 at the Esplanade hotel, Fremantle.

Expedio will be present at this event, where you will be able to visit us at Booth 16 to chat with members of the team, see presentations and demonstrations of the OCRIS software suite and more.

We are sponsors of the event and will be running the phone charging station from our booth, so please say hello and our friendly staff can assist.

Geologists’ data handling workload has expanded to include peripheral systems for administration of rehabilitation, environmental and heritage as well as contract management for drilling and assaying.

We have ready to go modules for these supporting systems to deliver cost savings and time efficiencies for all aspects of drilling campaign management.

Got a new project area? Legacy data compilation and historic activity reviews are one of the most important early tasks. We deliver data compilations from all open source formats and have a large team of specialist DBA’s to expedite this for any size project or commodity, for government bodies and private industry alike.

We partner with agile, cloud focused and open source specialists to deliver cost effective and improved data quality, accessibility and meaningful analytics.

Learn more about RIU here – RIU Explorers Conference 2022

We look forward to seeing you there!