What is Your Single Source of Truth?

Companies around the world which rely on accurate geological data can experience challenges consistently managing data to a single centralised source of truth. This in turn can have a direct impact across the organisation. When data is fragmented and delivered in any number of different formats, the knock-on effect can mean having to sift through data to establish the best and current version, verify it and then communicate it in a relevant way to the various roles which rely on the data to do their jobs effectively. This is obviously labour intensive, time consuming, prone to error and causes operational delays – with the ultimate impact to the bottom line. What should you look for? From exploration to mining, planning programs to modeling, finance and production, accurate and compliant resource data is your solid foundation from which pivotal decisions can be made with confidence. This means ensuring an advanced end-to-end geological data management solution is adopted for effective project development. When considering a data management services provider for your single source of data, you should be looking for these three key elements: 1. Accuracy Accurate data should be achieved by the use of multi-level, real time validation. Make sure bulk data loading followed by QC and 3D integrity checking delivers you ready-to-use output on demand. With process-driven configuration and data management, you can benefit from real-time validation and graphical feedback. The provision of ready-to-use datasets in standard industry formats can add tremendous value 2. Efficiency Ensure your provider utilises best practice methodologies to capture clean and accurate data every time. With integrated tools to configure and manage exploration and drilling data, a standardised SQL Server database schema can deliver you a scalable central repository which is configurable and controllable.. Flexible and prompt customer service results in rapid issue resolution and solution implementation. 3. Compliance You need best practice data management which will always work within the constraints of your business rules and industry standards to deliver compliant results. A focus on compliance ensures a fully auditable database, QC and statutory reporting and a ‘Library Catalogue’ with both soft and hardcopy file management.. Full metadata results management, data reporting and a complete database history mean that all the compliance boxes are ticked for your company, not just at the time of reporting but inherently stored together with your data as your single source of truth Do you have the tools to deliver your single source of truth? You need a solution configured to meet your requirements, with all data managed in a single, secure and centralised database. Do you have the tools and capabilities to accurate, efficient and compliant data? Get in touch with us to discover how your business can benefit from a single source of truth. You can reach us on 1300 496 006 or at info@expedio.com.au.