Data Compliance

Data Compliance

The OCRIS audit system is a key feature that meets all exploration and mining database compliance requirements.

Accuracy of data is measured by a range of parameters including; company business rules, database integrity rules, data veracity rules and time.

It is by adhering strictly to these rules an organisation can be assured of having Always Accurate Data and complying to internationally recognised exploration reporting standards turning data into a company’s most valuable asset.

The OCRIS Data model has a complete audit of all changes made to the production data including deletions, providing a demonstrable geological database audit trail. Resource industry reporting standards in Australia (JORC) , Canada (NI) and many developing countries are becoming more stringent and the OCRIS audit system is a key feature that meets all database history compliance requirements.

JORC Compliant data gives financiers and brokers confidence making it easier to move from exploration to production, expenditure to revenue.

The OCRIS Operational Unit helps you manage Compliance.